Tired of disturbing fam members with the music or series you want to watch or listen to?

Our family has always been close, close as in loving and enjoying each other, but close as in CLOSE. Our house is small, and we have 4 children, and 3 bedrooms. yep, the boys share a room and the girls share a room. CLOSE. It’s been that way since our oldest daughter arrived in 2006, and the boys were crammed together, and they accepted this without TOO much complaining. We were excited to have her! But…if you’ve lived through living in a small house, watching or listening to something that the rest of the family is not a fan of…blue tooth or wireless headphones of some sort are the ticket! I bought some for my husband back several years ago, because they were cheaper than installing a wall or French doors at the entrance to the living room where the TV was loud and the babies/kids AND MOM were trying to SLEEP!

Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones

Here is a deal on items like that from well known Best Buy. But don’t go for their geek squad tech support, you make sure to call on me for all of that, ok??

Jaybird RUN True Wireless In-Ear Headphones