Computer Clean up and Secure

A remote scrubbing of your computer that will help things run like new.

Go New

Ready to replace the old one?  I'm happy to either help you decide on what to purchase, or go ahead and shop for you.  I will export your information from the current computer, set up the new one and then import all your stuff back on so it's ready to roll when I deliver it to you.

Malware Removal

Help to remove the unwanted malware and junkware off your pc so you can function again.  We'll also make sure it's protected so you don't have this trouble again.

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Other items you might need

  • Network set up and maintenance
  • Avast/AVG Cloudcare/Antivirus/Internet Security installation, customization and maintenance
  • Avast/AVG Cloudcare Cloud backup
  • Avast/AVG Cloudcare Content Filtering

Next Steps...

Go ahead and send us an email and see what we can do for you.Email us